UI / UX   Designer

UI / UX   Designer

My name is Brian Cavanaugh and I am a User Experience and User Interface Designer based in Southern California. I believe great design stems from simplicity, allowing important elements to shine while keeping details clean, yet impactful. Great products start with thoughtful, intuitive design, the transparency of which enhances the UX without the users’ awareness of its presence.

I love the problem solving process that accompanies designing innovative products. My designs focus on the goals of the users and products, alike, from the start, dictating the entire design process. Utilizing this philosophy, projects progress naturally as the design flows from itself.

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front-end   dev.

front-end   dev.

Great design cannot become reality if it is not built, tested, and refined. This is why I have dedicated myself to expanding my skillset to include development languages and philosophies. Developing lite, interactive prototypes is crucial to the design process, allowing for user testing, research, and design refinement. Understanding how a product is built in code helps dictate several design decisions, and is a crucial skill in producing a well-built product.

Further, whether the project is an app or a website, all of my designs are built with mobile responsiveness in mind. Mobile platforms are the future, and great designs must account for this from the start.

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The most important consideration in building a new product is understanding the business’ goals and how to accomplish them. With a degree in Business Administration, concentrating on Entrepreneurship, from California State University of Fullerton, I understand what young companies look for, and more importantly, how to attack problems creatively and develop a plan for success.

I have worked with and co-founded startups in the past, applying lean business methodology to both the design processes and companies as a whole. The combination of design and development skills with business knowledge is rare, giving me a broad perspective and allowing me to create seamless designs that complement business objectives.



Bachelor of Arts - Business Administration, Entrepreneurship
Student Mentor & Guest Speaker

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Founder / Design / Development

Designed and built iOS application that enables users to quickly and easily bookmark locations for later use. Used and loved by users from around the world!

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Surf Hunter


Co-Founder - UI / UX Design

Lead design on a fresh surf forecast app that provides real-time surf data for quick, accurate information. Worked with a team of three to design and develop the 4+ rated app that feeds real-time buoy data to Southern Californias most passionate surfers.

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Co-Founder - UX / UI Design, Front-end Development

Worked with team of 4 to create a platform that allows college students with startup ideas to match skilled students on campus that can help make their ideas a reality. Lead UX and UI design from concept to launch, while implementing design through front-end development utilizing html, css, php, javascript, and twitter bootstrap. ENDVRS was accepted into the StartUp UCLA 2014 Summer Accelerator Program which provided opportunities to refine our product's strategy and design, as well as pitch to some of Silicon Valley's top investors. The program culminated in a demo day at which the product was presented to 200+ members of the entrepreneurship community.

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