UX Design // Development // Biz Dev.

My time at eyesFinder allowed me to work on several exciting projects and broaden my skill set. eyesFinder is a funded tech-startup specializing in visual search technology, allowing users to “take a picture, do a search.” My responsibilities included that of Designer, Front-End Developer, Business Development and Marketing.

The goals of eyesFinder’s product are two fold: to provide a visual search API for large companies that could utilize visual search technology, and to provide the everyday user with a tool enabling them to visually search the world’s images.

My first project at eyesFinder was designing the MVP for the eyesFinder mobile app. I prototyped using Adobe Illustrator and delivered final design assets to development team for the V1 build.

The second, and largest, project I worked on was the eyesFinder dashboard, by which clients large and small could manage their accounts and searchable image databases. As the design lead, my main challenge was to design a tool that not only worked for our own team to manage clients, but for clients to manage every aspect of their accounts with ease. Many levels of interactivity had to be considered due to the variety of clients and their needs. I worked closely with the founding team to discuss and research use cases for various client types, resulting in a tool that any company could use regardless of size or industry. I wireframed an interactive prototype using Axure for testing. Using the finalized prototype, I built the front-end using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. The development team and I leveraged version control and GIT to collaborate side by side, tying my front-end code to their back-end that managed clients’ visual search databases.

One key feature of this product was the ability for a client to use our “spider” to crawl their website, downloading and organizing all images displayed. During that process, our tool ran each image through the “kernalizer,” giving each of their images a digital fingerprint to search against. Any client could input their website’s URL, tap a button, and let the tool run its course, with the result being a complete, organized database of their images ready to be searched visually.

Tying this amazing tool into the design of the dashboard was one of my most challenging and rewarding products to date. It forced me to broaden my perspective of the design past just a few users and think of the impact it could have within a large corporation. I was no longer designing on a small scale, I was designing for the big boys.

My favorite part about working on this amazing project wasn’t just building a product on a grand scale, but being a generalist on the team. Given my unique skill set spanning business, design, and development, I was able to contribute to every area of the company in a meaningful way. Participating in discussions with the founding team about business models, marketing strategy, product development, database structure, and design enabled me to deeply understand the problem we were trying to solve in the world.

As an entrepreneur and designer, seeing opportunities from so many angles provides the greatest chance of building the best solution. This, in my opinion, is the bare minimum it takes to build the next world changing company. I was lucky to be a contributor to such a team.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap 3, Git, Version Control, Axure Pro, UX Design, UI Design, Wireframing, Business Development, Marketing, User Research.