Problem Solution

Front-End Dev. // UI // UX Design

Problem Solution was a personal side project that stemmed from a pain point I had as an entrepreneur. In the start-up community, much is said about idea generation, and that individuals should solve problems they have personally experienced. Therein lies a golden opportunity – or so you’d think. If you experience a problem, then others must have the same issue as well, and you should create a solution, right? Maybe, but you are only one out of the billions of people on Earth; someone else may be better equipped at solving the problem, whether it be due to different resources or just a different perspective. Most people are too quick to expend effort providing a solution before really giving the initial problem time to develop. I believe we should give the root problem as much attention as possible, and solutions will cultivate themselves. This project was my solution.

Problem Solution is the place to crowdsource real issues experienced by anyone, anywhere. My goal was to collect the root problems (not polished solutions) from the start, and inspire people to devise their own creative solutions based on what they see on the site. It’s my way of reverse engineering the idea generation process for hopeful entrepreneurs, providing a place where they can see real issues being experienced by anyone. Rather than one individual presenting a single “polished” solution, which may not actually be the best solution to the issue, Problem Solution shifts the focus to the root problem, which may drive an aspiring entrepreneurs to dozens of creative solutions.

The site needed to be simple enough to encourage users to quickly post their pain points, yet interesting enough for visitors to be drawn to read the posts. The bones of the site are minimalistic, making the objective of the user clear: to either post a pain point, or explore posts for inspiration. The copy is clear, yet casual, as though you are having a conversation with someone about an issue they are experiencing. Below are the aggregated pain points posted by all users, showcased in a mosaic style to pique interest and encourage infinite scrolling.

This project served as my opportunity to teach myself MySQL, and to learn about basic databases. Every post is written to a simple MySQL database, then called upon to display when the page is refreshed. This process happens in the blink of an eye as the user submits a post.


HTML, CSS, PHP, Bootstrap 3, MySQL, Amazon AWS, UX Design, UI Design, Wireframing.