Surf Hunter

Co-Founder // UI // UX Design

Surf Hunter was a project that stemmed from the need for a simpler surf forecast app that provided real time data for avid surfers. Previous solutions are either comprised of forecasts manually compiled by people gauging surf conditions, risking user bias, or simply offer predictions based on projected data from weather forecasts. Surfers are left at the mercy of someone’s unpredictable estimates or future predictions of what the surf might be; such predictions are not always accurate, and leave users guessing as to the true condition of the surf.

Surf Hunter solves this issue for surfers by providing live conditions and swell information, down to the second. Surf Hunter shows users what’s happening right now – not tomorrow, not a week from now. Surf Hunter accomplishes this by pulling live buoy data from the many buoys off the California coast and displaying the information in a simple, straightforward interface. Hardcore surfers much prefer reading real-time surf updates themselves, allowing them to make an informed decision on when and where to surf.

Surf Hunter’s clean layout provides all of the necessary information for a surfer to get a live snapshot of what’s happening up and down the California coast. Surf Hunter provides swell height, swell direction, swell interval, and water temperature for multiple locations, giving surfers the best information regarding current surf conditions. In addition, each buoy page showcases a map of the region to assist in the visualization of the data provided. Arrows are placed on the map represent the swell direction provided by each buoy. This clarifies the reading by showing how the swell direction is affecting locations up and down the coast, further assisting surfers in making an informed decision regarding surf conditions.

Surf Hunter version 1.0 was a lite proof of concept, and was my first experience designing a digital product. With several thousand downloads to iOS devices, we have begun a redesign for version 2.0 including specific beach locations, tide reports, and wind information to give the best possible surf reporting experience.


UX Design, UI Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, XCode, Prototyping, Entrepreneurship.